Rivermist Chili Peppper


Chili is our beautiful red little energizer bunny. She is the first one outside and the last one in-often soaking up the sun on the patio watching the birds and life go by. Athletic and strong she will retrieve a ball as long as you'll throw it.

Red (white toes and beard) 

Small Medium       30# and 17"

ALCA#   C067-11102014-125-LB1



Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

PRA - Clear

Cerf- Clear


DNA Recorded


Chili's next available puppies will arrive in the late fall of 2019.


Rivermist Rhianne-Socks (Daisy)


Daisy is such a delight. She was a hit in obedience class, will do anything for a car ride and loves to find items to hide away in her bed. She is an all around social butterfly who loves a good tummy rub from everyone she meets. Daisy has earned the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

Chocolate and White Parti 

Mini     24# and 16"

ALCA#  C067-06102014-112-LB



Hips - Excellent

Elbows - Normal

PRA - Clear

CERF -Clear

Patellas - Normal

DNA Recorded

Early 2019 Litter


Daisy  whelped a litter of 3 puppies mid January. You can see these babies on the puppies page - all puppies are adopted.



Rum River Bobbi Mcghee

Bobbi is a burst of energy, loves to play with her forever family and is as quick as a bunny when she's chasing a ball. Bobbi has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 

Mini    18# and 15"

ALCA Breeding Registration pending completion and passing of health testing. 


CERF - Clear


Bobbi inherited her mom and dad's beautiful red, soft curl coat. She has a tiny white chin and toe tips! Upon qualification for ALCA registration this  spring, we are anticipating her first litter in early fall 2019.  



Pine Lodge Marigold

Marigold is a cutie pie from one end to the other. She is spunky, smart and loves to take a walk. She attends obedience class and will be working toward her CGC.

Anticipated to be  -  Medium    35# and 18"   

ALCA Breeding Registration pending completion and passing of health testing. 


CERF - Clear


Marigold has a silken red and white parti coat with large curls. She will be our largest girl and we are very excited to see her grow. Puppies expected summer of 2020.



Rum River Barkin' Buddy Holly

Buddy is our up and coming little guy. He's happy, energetic and loves kids. He's a handsome solid little boy with a sweet personality.

Anticipated to be -  Large Mini    26# and 16 1/2"       

ALCA Breeding Registration pending completion and passing of health testing.   

CERF - Clear


Buddy has a beautiful  white and chocolate (with  taupe undercoat) fleece coat, broad shoulders, blocky head and wonderful gait.  We hope to add him as a stud in mid to late 2019.


Pine Lodge Kiah - Retired


 Kiah is living with her forever family in Minnesota. She is the resident princess and is loving every minute of it! We miss her happy face and love of being a dog.