Bringing Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles From Our Home to Yours

Bringing Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles From Our Home to Yours


We Love Australian Labradoodles.....


Our  ALCA registered Australian labradoodle puppies are born and raised in our home on 3 wooded acres in a rural suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our doodles live a "dog's life'. Our moms and dads are ALCA or ALAA registered multigenerational Australian labradoodles with origins of a mix of breeds (mainly poodle, cocker spaniel and labrador retriever). Originally bred to be allergy friendly service dogs they are smart, calm and love to be with people.


Whether it's laying by the pool in the summer or bounding along snowy covered paths in the winter (conveniently snowblown by their human dad), running through the woods or barking at the deer passing through the yard it's all about the fun! On any given day you can watch the doodle parade with atl east 3 puffy tails wagging and noses to the ground as we wind our way through the neighborhood. Let’s be honest, they rule the roost.


Our dogs are allergy friendly, sweet with just the right amount of spunk and scrupulously health tested. Labradoodle puppies come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee and we will  be available as a guide through out the life of your puppy. Please visit our puppy page to learn about our current litter and plans for future puppies.

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Our promise to raise healthy, happy puppies


We take every step to ensure that your puppy has a great beginning. Our parents have been health tested to ALCA standards to insure they are genetically sound. That means testing hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes, patellas and a full genetic inheritable disease panel. We feed a high quality diet, moms are regularly vet checked, exercised daily and live in our home or with their forever family.  Prenatal check ups, ultrasounds and xrays insure that moms and puppies are safe and ready for the big day! 



Our play areas challenge the puppies physically and mentally to overcome fears and obstacles during problem solving playtime. There are wobble boards, climbing steps, boxes to run in and out of, a parachute tunnel to explore, agility sections, toys and balls to chase. With 3 acres to wander, we encourage them to be dogs while learning valuable skills outside as well as in.


Your puppy will be carefully handled from birth to provide loving human contact while respecting the bond between momma and puppy. During the first 8 weeks of puppy life we strive to help them become well adjusted little doodles who easily transition to their new homes. We take special pride in knowing each puppy individually .

Our puppies are hugged and loved by a variety of grandchildren and many other visitors to begin their socialization.  


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Why should I look for the Certified Australian Labradoodle logo? 

ALCA recognizes that not all dogs identified as Australian Labradoodles are the real deal.  The certification is an effort to make clear the identification process available to those interested in purchasing a true Australian Labradoodle. We are committed to protecting the health and well-being of the Australian Labradoodle by upholding the Breed Standards and maintaining the integrity of the breed.