Bringing Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles From Our Home to Yours

A Guardian Home is......

A Forever Home for a Breeding Dog

The Guardian Home program allows a forever family to raise and love a 'pick-of-the-litter' puppy for a minimal cost. Rum River selects a puppy we feel has all the wonderful qualities we look for in our labradoodles. We look for coat, confirmation and most of all temperament. Testing for our breeding program starts as young as 16 weeks and is completed by around 1 year old.  

After testing is completed, if we choose to place the dog into our breeding program she will still continue to live in the guardian home. During the  6-8 week period when she whelps and rears her puppies she will live in our home, with our family. As dogs vary, so do agreements for many reasons but it is usually a 3 litter agreement. 


 After leaving the breeding program, Rum River spays the dog and she lives out her life in just the same place she has always lived...with her caring forever family. It is a wonderful 'win-win' situation. 

If we choose not to place her/him in our program, Rum River spays her/him and they remain with the guardian home as their forever family.


Guardian Home Expectations

We don't entrust our beautiful puppies to just anyone! Besides giving our furry babies a forever home we ask that you -

  • Live within 1 hour of the Minneapolis/St Paul area
  • Be willing to share transportation responsibilities for testing and vet appointments
  • Have a fenced yard or secured area to ensure there are no unplanned pregnancies
  • Feed a high quality Rum River approved dog food
  • Be responsible for customary veterinary care- Rum River covers all reproductive vet costs
  • Understand that our puppies are inside dogs (not kenneled outside)
  • Provide obedience training and proper dog and human socialization
  • Notify Rum River within 24 hours of your dog showing signs of a heat cycle
  • Guard against negligence 
  • Always give Rum River 1st option when kenneling 
  • Request approval before grooming
  • Deposit of $750 - refundable if dog completes breeding agreement

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home......

Drop us a line and tell us more about yourself and why you feel you would be a good fit for our Guardian Home program. Please include your phone number and address. Thank you for considering being a guardian home - Bill and Mary