Upcoming litters


A deposit can reserve your puppy for an upcoming litter...

If our reservation list is full, you can be put on a waiting list (no deposit required). The waiting list is notified if additional puppies are born and given the first option to reserve a puppy. Most of our puppies are reserved 6+ months in advance.

Because we are a small family breeder who values the time we can spend and the care we can give to our puppies, we have limited litters a year. We anticipate 3 litters in 2020.

We do our best to foresee our upcoming litters but please remember that Mother Nature is always in control and can be unpredictable!

 Our Winter and Spring 2020 litters are fully reserved at this time. If a litter has additional puppies that litter reservation list will reopen and include the additional puppies. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the most up-to-date puppy news! 

Early Winter - Bobbi and Buddy


Rum River Bobbi McGee



Rum River Barkin' Buddy Holly

Large Mini


January litter of mini - large mini. This will be the premiere litter for both Bobbi and Buddy. We are looking forward to red, white, cream, apricot and black - some with white markings. Puppies will be in the 18-28# range. 

For more information please submit an adoption questionnaire on our adoption page.

Spring 2020 - Marigold and Buddy


Pine Lodge Marigold and Rum River Barkin' Buddy Holly


Spring 2020 litter of large minis to mediums. Puppies will be parti in all colors. Possibly some light colored solids. Coats will be soft wavy fleece. 25 - 32#

 For more information please submit an adoption questionnaire on our adoption page.